About Together Hurunui

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Together Hurunui is an extensive network of social services operating within the Hurunui.

By identifying gaps in service delivery and advocating for these services, the network is helping to create a more connected community that can readily access services needed for well-being and to strengthen its core vision of “All people in Hurunui are valued and connected.”

Together Hurunui

  • Coordinates a bi-monthly network meeting that promotes dialogue and connections between the social service agencies operating in Hurunui district
  • Identifies gaps in social service provision in Hurunui and supports projects, services and initiatives to meet these needs
  • Maintains a database of all social services operating in the Hurunui
  • Provides regular communication and updates to the wider network
  • Facilitates and/or implements projects that enhance well-being and social connectivity in Hurunui

Together Hurunui Governance Group

A governance group was appointed by the Together Hurunui network to provide strategic direction, leadership and information to guide the Project Facilitator in their role.

Governance group appointees represent the district’s geographical spread and interests and consists of elected members, a representative from Connect Hurunui Incorporated and a Hurunui District Council Representative.

Marie Black  –  Chairperson and elected Hurunui District Councillor

Sandy Honeybone – Barnardos Social Worker

Sharon Davie-Martin – Rural Women New Zealand

Andrew Kemp – Principal Broomfield School

Rob Ellis – NZ Police Waikari

Jason Watson – School based mental health team

Nicki Carter – Connect Hurunui Inc Manager

Rochelle Faimalo – Hurunui District Council representative

Ange DavidsonTogether Hurunui Project Facilitator