Community Connectivity

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Six indicators are used to measure social connectedness in New Zealand. These are: telephone and internet access in the home, contact with family and friends, contact between young people and their parents, trust in others, loneliness and voluntary work.

There are many community organisations in Hurunui listed here:

The Hurunui District Council’s Community Partnerships Team provide a friendly ear between council, agencies and Hurunui communities. Their purpose is to engage, connect, inform and empower residents, community groups and local businesses in achieving its goal of “strengthening communities”. 

The  CAN Report May 2015  is an excellent case study of creating social inclusion, and was presented to the Together Hurunui network in 2018 by author Kirstin Dingwall-Okaye.


Volunteering underpins a wide range of groups and organisations whose activities contribute to social well-being.  Volunteers provide their time and skills to help others and to make a contribution. People also volunteer to meet others, to develop their skills and broaden their experience, to make contacts that may lead to employment, and to fulfill parental, social, cultural, and religious obligations.

Volunteering is alive and well in Hurunui and many organisations and community groups rely solely on volunteers. Volunteers are generally recruited at a local level, while larger organisations can advertise in sites such as Volunteering Canterbury  People can search for volunteering positions on this site by clicking on their town under the ‘not in Christchurch’ listings.  This site is not widely promoted in the Hurunui.

TimeBank Hurunui is well established in Hurunui and provides a user-friendly platform for time bank members to ask for, and to offer, help. This can be from IT help to gardening, and everything else between.