Older People


Hurunui District has an ageing population that is ageing at a faster rate than other cities and districts in New Zealand.  By 2038, 30% of Hurunui’s population will be 65 and older. A decade further on, Hurunui’s total growth will be in people aged 65 plus.  This will mean people aged over 65 years will outnumber children aged 14 and under.

Hurunui is not alone. As the baby boom generation move into retirement age, New Zealand is experiencing similar growth predictions despite currently high levels of international migration.

Responding to this significant change in population demographics, the Ministry of Social Development’s Office for Seniors has adopted the World Health Organisation’s Age_friendly_cities_checklist. To encourage district and city councils around New Zealand to take stock of older people’s needs and to plan for the future, the Office for Seniors provides grants for assessments and projects .

The  Hurunui Age-Friendly Communities  report was completed in March 2019 and records the views of older people in Hurunui. The report provides the Hurunui District Council and community with recommendations on ways to improve the district’s ‘age-friendly’ status.

Age-friendly communities encourage people of all ages can stay connected, healthy, active and respected.     

A community directory, CINCH, lists the community groups and organisations for all ages in Hurunui. A hard copy is available at the Hurunui Library.

Age-Concern Canterbury provide a range of services such as the confident older person Driving Course.    Funding is often required for these courses to be run in Hurunui.

There are two residential homes for older people in Hurunui.